A. Gatman’s “Hannes Meyer on the Bauhaus at Moscow” (1930)

Hannes Meyer: “After many years of working within the capitalist system I am convinced that working under such conditions is quite senseless.  In view of our Marxist and revolutionary conception of the world we, revolutionary architects, are at the mercy of the insoluble contradictions of a world built on animal individualism and the exploitation of man by man.  I have said, and I say again, to all architects, all engineers, all builders: ‘Our way is and must be that of the revolutionary proletariat, that of the communist party, the way of those who are building and achieving socialism.’

I am leaving for the USSR to work among people who are forging a true revolutionary culture, who are achieving socialism, and who are living in that form of society for which we have been fighting here under the conditions of capitalism.

I beg our Russian comrades to regard us, my group and myself, not as heartless specialists, claiming all kinds of special privileges, but as fellow workers with comradely views ready to make a gift to socialism and the revolution of all our knowledge, all our strength, and all the experience that we have acquired in the art of building.”

[From Pravda, Berlin dispatch dated October 10th, 1930]


~ by Ross Wolfe on October 20, 2010.

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